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Tree Care - Expert Arborist Services in Santa Barbara

Caring for a tree properly is about a lot more than simply planting it and waiting for results. Bad tree care can mean a significant liability to the home or business owner. Pruning and removing heavy dead tree limbs is especially dangerous work that should only be performed by arborists with the right level of training and proper equipment. A qualified and knowledgeable arborist can apply tree care services that help ensure your trees are healthy and thriving despite dry weather and other environmental conditions that can threaten the health of your trees.

Tree Care and Maintenance Services

Arborists specialize in the care and maintenance of trees. We are trained, educated, and certified to provide the highest quality tree care to keep your trees healthy, strong, and vital. Our tree care services include:

  • Tree pruning - experience in pruning involves a deep understanding of the species of tree, its growth patterns, and precisely how to make the right cuts to improve the tree.

  • Tree maintenance - caring for a tree means applying fertilizers at the right time, administering the right amount of water, and preventing pest invasions. A tree care plan can help the homeowner know how to maintain the tree through the years.

  • Bracing and cabling - when a tree's limbs are too heavy or the trunk is leaning significantly, you may have the option of cabling or bracing the limbs or trunk. Doing this safely is not a job for amateurs but when done properly, it is a safe way to extend the life of the tree and give you more time to enjoy it.

  • Planting - when it's time for new tree, we can recommend a type of tree that is appropriate to the location and your needs. We will also plant the tree correctly to avoid future problems and ensure a healthy, growing tree for many years to come.

  • Soil management - the soil in which a tree is planted can degrade, compact, and become devoid of necessary nutrients the longer the tree is around. We can analyze the soil and apply fertilizers, aeration, and other remediation steps to restore the tree to health.

Don't rely on a standard landscaper or tree trimmer to give you the right advice to help you care for and maintain your trees. Work with an ISA-certified arborist instead.

"I have worked with John and A&J Tree for many years. I give him and his entire team my wholehearted endorsement. Not only are they reliable and fair, but they have comprehensive knowledge of trees and work hard to make sure our trees are healthy. My wife says they are true artists. We give A&J Trees our highest recommendation." - Drew

Caring for Mature Trees

The Santa Barbara and Goleta region has a long history of trees of all kind. You may have noticed that many local streets have tree names (Olive, for example). Many of the early Santa Barbara city blocks had a specific tree that was used to identify that street and on many blocks the street tree remains standing. There is also a 200-plus-year-old sycamore in Goleta, and the largest and most imposing tree that graces our city is the Moreton Bay fig tree adjacent to the train station on Montecito street.

At A&J Tree Services, we have over 30 years' experience caring for the mature trees in and around Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Montecito. If you have an older or aging tree and want to help ensure the tree is healthy, give our team a call at (805) 968-1904 for a free estimate today.