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Our Safety Program

At A&J Tree Services, we take injury prevention seriously. Not only do certified arborists adhere to a strong code of ethics, we recognize that we have a responsibility to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Tree services can be a dangerous business, as it involves very heavy tree branches and limbs, highly technical equipment, objects that sway and bend in the wind, significant heights, and gravity.

We are an OSHA-accredited Safety Services Company (since 2008) and have been assigned responsibility and accountability for administration of our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (also known as I2P2).

Our team's health and safety training includes:

  • hazard identification and assessment

  • hazard prevention

  • hazard control

And we adhere to a program that includes continuous evaluation and improvement for all our employees. We understand that this investment is critical not only to the safety of our employees - reducing injury, fatalities, and illnesses - but also to our clients who want to know that the workers on their property will take the utmost care to prevent accidents.

At A&J Tree Services, our first priority is safety and we take our safety program very seriously. It is our responsibility to prevent injuries and accidents while ensuring the health of your trees. Give our team a call at (805) 968-1904  when you need a certified arborist in Santa Barbara, Goleta, or Montecito and know that you and your property will be safe.