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Where's the Value in a Certified Arborist?

We get this question all the time: "Why should I hire a certified arborist? Can't my landscape guy take care of my trees?"

It depends.

A certified arborist is someone who has trained specifically in the science and the art of caring for and planting trees. An arborist with International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification has achieved a level of knowledge that most have not. The certification requires extensive study, education, and it means passing a comprehensive examination. Certified arborists also commit to a Code of Ethics and must participate in continuing education to retain their certification. 

It's a big deal.

Trees that have not been maintained, or have been poorly treated, present a significant liability to the homeowner. Still, pruning and trimming trees is especially dangerous work that should only be performed by those with the right training and the proper technical equipment to get the job done safely.

Sure, you could trust your trees to someone else, but if you really care about the trees on your property and you want them to remain healthy, a certified arborist is the way to go. 

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