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Soil Management and Tree Fertilization

The certified arborists of A&J Tree are committed to helping local residents of Goleta, Montecito, and Santa Barbara by diagnosing and treating tree problems through proper soil management and timely tree fertilization techniques. We offer a range of tree services to ensure that your trees remain healthy, strong, and beautiful for years to come. No matter the size or the scope of your soil management needs, our team will work with you to ensure your landscape and the trees that occupy it are healthy.

Tree Soil Management

A healthy tree starts with the right soil but proper tree soil management is about more than simply testing and adjusting the pH levels. For example, did you know that Armillaria Mellea is a common soil-borne fungus that lives on a wide range of woody plants in California? This fungus is also known as oak root fungus and by a range of other names. Under normal conditions, this fungus inhabits the root system of most native oaks without causing problems.

When a tree becomes stressed (such as in times of drought or with advanced age), it becomes more susceptible to the fungus which can begin rotting the roots right out from under the tree. This is just one of the risks that a certified arborist can identify and help remediate - if it is caught in time.

Tree Fertilization Services

The range of trees that grow in our beautiful Central Coastal region is astonishing, but ensuring those trees grow healthy and strong often means applying supplemental fertilization. A mature and healthy oak tree growing under normal conditions, for example, may not need fertilization. Nitrogen is a primary nutrient of value to an oak tree, and your oak may get plenty of nutrients from the leaf litter and other organic debris decomposing and releasing what the tree needs into the soil.

Not all of our trees grow in normal conditions, however, and often unknowingly homeowners will plant trees that have differing needs close together and then struggle to keep both varieties alive. Many California natives, once established, require little to no water and some homeowners accidentally kill them by watering them too much. Other well-intentioned homeowners may apply mulch around their trees in an attempt to naturally stifle weed growth and accidentally smother the tree that needs to breathe. If you have fruit trees or nut trees on your property, getting the right nutrients at the right time can be complicated and successful fruit and nut production requires an adequate supply of essential nutrients based on the age and bearing capacity of the tree.

At A&J Tree Services, we truly care about making sure your trees are growing healthy and strong. Give our team a call at (805) 968-1904  when you want the advice of a certified arborist in Santa Barbara, Goleta, or Montecito and we'll help you understand the condition of your soil and design a fertilization plan that will make a difference in your trees.