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Managing Tree Hazards and Risk

Let's take a minute and consider what exactly are tree hazards and risks. Essentially, a tree hazard is any situation that endangers the tree itself and a risk refers to the risk that the tree could inflict damage. Here are some examples:

  • Trees that lean heavily in one direction - the risk is getting off balance and falling.

  • Trees that are growing too close to other objects - the risk is the tree branches or roots invade and destabilize the home, the power line, etc.

  • Dead, dying, diseased, or rotting trees - again, the risk of falling and causing damage is great here.

  • Trees that have disproportionate branches - the balance of the tree's stem can be compromised.

Cabling and Bracing

Penetrating rains and strong winds are not the only hazards you face when your tree has a weak stem or branches, but it's definitely a big concern. In some situations, a tree with weak stems or branches may need the help of cabling or bracing to increase their strength and stability. Cabling is the use of metal cables to support weak or failing branches. Bracing is adding support beneath risky branches to keep portions of the tree from falling.

"I have worked with A&J Tree Services for almost a decade now. John and his crew maintain the many large trees on our property and they respond promptly to all issues. Recently, I called John about the roots on a large liquid amber that had caused a water line to break. John came out to advise before the plumber cut any roots during the repair. I appreciate John and A&J Tree's expertise and responsiveness." - Beebe, Laguna Cottages for Seniors

Managing Root Barriers

While it sounds negative, a root barrier is actually an underground structure that helps plants and trees live happily with other objects like sidewalks. The barrier is located around a structure you want to prevent the tree's roots from penetrating or otherwise interfering with. A good example is a root barrier along the sidewalk that prevents portions of the sidewalk from lifting and cracking. Ideally, a root barrier helps both the tree and the structure cohabitate. Managing your root barriers works to save your trees.

Treatment for Trees Damaged by Construction

In some cases, other construction on or around your property can cause damage to your trees if measures have not been put in place to protect them. Driveway repairs, sidewalk extensions, retaining walls - all of these construction efforts can damage your trees. Remedial treatment may save the tree if brought in in time. If you have a tree that has been affected by recent construction, get in touch with us quickly so we can assess the tree viability and possibly recommend treatment options that will save the tree.

At A&J tree, we put our passion into the trees in and around the Santa Barbara and Goleta area. We help homeowners and business owners manage their tree hazards and risk and work to save as many trees as possible. If you have a tree in need, give our team a call at (805) 968-1904 and we'll evaluate what's going wrong and make suggestions that work within your budget.