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Emergency Tree Services

The weather in can be unpredictable and scary at times. Heavy rains contradict drought conditions. Light breezes suddenly become strong winds. Excessive heat and other conditions can significantly stress and weaken trees. Weak trees are more vulnerable to branch failure, pests, disease, and other hazards. When trees start to fail, their heavy branches and trunks can cause significant damage to your home, your neighbor's home, surrounding landscaping, and other property like boats, vehicles, and more.

Preventing Tree Emergencies

While good tree care, proper tree pruning and maintenance is the best prevention, we can't always control when a tree or heavy branch will fall. Sometimes, even the best tree care can't stop an accident from happening.

At A&J Tree, we're experts in emergency tree services like fallen branches and felled trees, but we also handle near emergencies like the following:

  • Excessively heavy branches threatening to fall

  • Leaning trees, diseased trees, and trees invaded by pests

  • Cracked or split limbs that could fail in the next storm

  • Weak branch unions and imperfections in the tree's structure

"A&J Tree Services performed some excellent work on the island trees. Everything was pruned in accordance with ISA guidelines and aboriculture industry standards for safety. The team is a great crew, working professionally and efficiently - great teamwork!" - Edwin

Our first line of action is to prevent tree emergencies, but when the emergency occurs in the dead of night we also offer quick and efficient emergency tree services. Heavy fallen limbs can cause a dangerous situation that goes beyond safety and liability exposure. In an emergency situation like this, it is important to have the right training, skill, experience and equipment to ensure that the situation is controlled as quickly and as safely as possible. We also adhere to a strong safety program.

When Storms and Earthquakes Strike

We may not like to think about storms and earthquakes, but the time to be sure your trees are secure is before storms strike and earthquakes occur. One of the certified arborists on our team can give your tree an honest evaluation and discover the condition of the tree and it's likelihood to fall in a storm. In all cases, we'll work our hardest to devise a plan to save the tree. Only in rare circumstances do we recommend removing a tree, and in most cases timely pruning and even cabling and bracing can ensure your tree lives a long time.

The certified arborists at A&J Tree have the technical skill and the specialized tools that give us an advantage in an emergency situation involving your trees. Plus, we have an aerial lift that ensures our arborists can get the full view of the situation and ensure your safety as well as the safety of the surrounding property while we handle the emergency. For emergency tree services in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Montecito, call (805) 968-1904 and we'll be there.